Judo Australia Membership

Judo Kenkyu Noosa Judo Australia Membership

Yearly subscription to Judo Queensland

There are many benefits to being a financial member of the the Judo Australia through the Queensland state body (Judo Queensland).

As with most sporting activities such as basketball, football and netball, your Judo Queensland membership covers your insurance, ensures you receive accredited coaching, you can enter competitions Australia wide run under proper tournament rules and your grades are recognised by Australia’s Olympic representative body (Judo Australia) as well as the IJF (International Judo Federation).

All Judo Kenkyu Noosa Club members are required to become members of Judo Queensland with all its benefits.

8 years and under$50.00
Family Registration – 3 Members – 3 Juniors$168.00
Family Registration – 4 Members – 4 Juniors$224.00
Financial Life Membership$1,100.00
Individual Junior$70.00
Individual Senior$110.00
New Temporary Member – Junior$0.00
New Temporary Member – Senior$0.00