The Instructors

Judo Kenkyu Noosa The Instructors

Judo Kenkyu Noosa’s chief instructor is Sensei Boris Ansons who holds an International Judo Federation (IJF) Sandan (OJU/AUS 3287), has over 40 years experience, in 2013 competed for Australia in the world IJF Kata championships Kyoto Japan, holds more than 18 titles and still competes today. For 3 years Boris also instructed at the famous Frank Dando Sports Academy in Melbourne which was featured in a 60 Minutes program. Boris’ judo coaching contributed to the betterment of the lives of many wayward boys who were enrolled at the Academy. This school achieved spectacular results where many of  today’s schools had failed to cater for these often troubled boys. The discipline and physical outlet of judo changed the attitudes of many of the students who were simply lacking in the guidance that responsibility, resepct and discipline brings. Some 75,000 phone calls from parents Australia wide following the the 60 Minutes program!

As a former Judo Victoria Inc. treasurer, 2012 Victorian state team manager at the Australian Titles, assistant tournament director and Kata Commission secretary, sensei Boris Ansons is well placed in his knowledge of the sport in Australia.

Boris is a permanent member of the Kodokan Judo Institute Tokyo Japan and holds accreditation of the Institute.

Member of the Judo Queensland, a Queensland Blue card holder and NCAS level 2 accredited state coach means everyone who trains at Judo Kenkyu Noosa gets top quality and safe instruction at all times.

The dojo is frequented by other eminent instructors on a regular basis which provides for an ever interesting environment for those keen to learn and get the most from the wonderful martial art called JUDO.

  • Boris Ansons judo at the Kodokan Judo Institute
    Boris Ansons (left) at the Kodokan Judo Institute Tokyo Japan July 2009. Ichiro Abe 10th Dan wearing red belt (Obi). Boris is a permanent member of the Kodokan.